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the byte box

Our most pointless creation, the byte box#6922, is finally receiving much-needed upgrades after an eternity of not serving anyone except its creators. The future of the byte box lies in a full permission system and commands usable by everyone. To achieve this, we are implementing SQLite as a database for bot configuration.

If you've been paying attention to what, you might've noticed the bot responding to messages containing what, but only in certain whitelisted guilds. This whitelist uses the new database to store guild IDs and their what state. Skipping technical details, the bot checks that whitelist whenever anyone sends a message. If the guild is whitelisted for the what experiment, the bot sends a message containing only what.

Here's what one of our early alpha testers said about the experiment:

Over time me and the Administrator became good friends. I helped him recover from what his previous friends did to him. I did all I could. I got close to him because if I hadn't met him when I did I was planning to kill myself. Over time I eventually came out as trans, he refused to even call me by my proper pronouns. If you haven't figured it out he had a crush on me. I've rejected him about 40 times now. Each time I did, he'd say he was throwing up the entire day after I'd try to message him later to see if he was ok or not. Later on he would say he would kill himself if I ever left him. Then went on to blame me for everything.

Based on the results of this short-lived experiment, it was obvious that everyone liked it. Obviously. The point is that we know the database is usable, possibly at a large scale. Unlike traditional relational databases, SQLite is very flexible with tables and types of columns. With all of that flexibility, we asked ourselves the question: JSON or columns? As of this article's date of publication, we still have no idea what we're doing.


Another (slightly) less pointless creation of ours, nanbridge, has seen no major development progress in its current state. The current Lua implementation of nanbridge is being replaced by a modern C# implementation without any third-party frameworks, relying entirely on standard classes provided by .NET 5.0 (ready to migrate to 6.0 once released) with custom code for requests, routing, responses, and any background tasks like inter-game server communication.

Unlike the byte box, there really isn't that much to talk about for nanbridge. So here's a user quote instead:

It would get so bad to the point I'd go on other games like NRIC and if I didn't let him ride with me he'd go off and get pouty. He'd get depressed if I was not in the voice call with him at the time. He'd refuse to trust anyone else, and practically even distanced himself from his close friends. Like Zeus or Rich, two people who helped him found the Foundation. To those who dislike me for this, I understand.

generic git

Finally, generic git. We're polishing a few rough edges and preparing for a flood of (maybe 1 or 2) new users. While you're here, why not check out some public repositories? They're mostly mirrors of repositories already hosted on GitHub, a "competing" platform for collaboration on source code. We still don't have enough text to fill this section enough to keep it in this article, so here's another user quote:

In conclusion, yes this does mean he's a Pedophile. I'm 16 he's 23. To anyone who wishes to dislike me for this, have at it I completely understand. But I will not let this go on for any longer. This was by my own choice, nobody was involved with this. I did this by my own actions, and my own regard.

-Formerly Crimson Light (CyrusThunderLucifer/ArchaneLucifer)

That user also shared further feedback in the form of screenshots.


If you're still reading this, please share this article with others! Your support means a lot for the bytesoft team and our users. Thanks to the community's trust, we have been able to deliver revolutionary technology built on modern tools, as seen on many Roblox games containing our technology, including our Site--nan(ind) and the (relatively) popular Armed Containment Area 108.